German Atherosclerosis Society

Young investigators

A key mission of the DGAF is the scientific promotion of young investigators. In this spirit the DGAF dedicates a session to this topic during its annual scientifc sessions. Furthermore, the best poster and oral presentation receives an award.


Young Investigator Module during the Annual Meeting

During the annual meeting of the DGAF we will have Young Investigator Modules. These aim to help young investigators to learn improtant strategies to interpret and display their scientific results. We will train writing abstracts, paper writing, poster design, paper reviewing, etc. The Young Investigator Modules will start during the next annual meeting. Please RSVP during your online resgistration. All participants will receive manuscripts for which they should write abstracts in advance. During the module the attendees will also learn about basic methodology in atherosclerosis research.

Prof. Dr. Michael Torzewski und Prof. Dr. Daniel G. Sedding

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