Deutsche Gesellschaft für Arterioskleroseforschung e.V.

DGAF Annual Meeting 2020

The joint meeting of the two leading societies focussing on atherosclerosis and its sequel in Germany: DACH,  DGAF and DGFF.

A true journey from bench to bedside featuring a plethora of hot topics and intriguing highlights from basic and clinical science, epidemiologic observations, and current state of the art clinical strategies and future concepts.

Vascular Medicine and Atherosclerosis Congress 2020 – VMAC 2020

These include :

  • Latest news from basic vascular research on atherosclerosis and associated diseases –  new targets and novel markers
  • Immunology made easy – immunomodulation the final fountain of youth?
  • Practical lipidology – where do we stand, where will we go?
  • Thrombosis and coagulation – what are our targets?
  • Genetics – the explanation of everything?
  • Personalized medicine – the future or a hollow promise?

We will feature an internationally renowned faculty presenting in various formats including keynote lectures and educational sessions but also modern formats such as Pro- and Contra and How to sessions. In addition we encourage submission of high quality abstracts from researchers – young and old to showcase the latest science in the field.

Come and join us for VMAC 2020!

Winfried März  (DACH)                       Andreas Zirlik (DGAF)


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