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Becoming Fire Fighters – 1st Freiburg Symposium on Inflammation in deadly Diseases

Attend the 1st Freiburg Symposium on Inflammation in deadly Disease on April 17th 2018

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Dear colleagues,

Throughout the last decades extensive basic and clinical research identified inflammation as the basic patho-biological correlate initiating, driving and complicating a variety of diseases. Prime entities among those include but are not limited to atherosclerosis, cancer, immune-deficiencies, and neurodegenerative disorders. With our 1st Freiburg Symposium on Inflammation in deadly diseases we will uncover common and distinct inflammatory pathways and principals in these clinically very different pathologies. Particular focus will be to demonstrate the individual contribution of the innate and adaptive immune system in this context and how current and future therapeutic strategies effectively target and will target the components of the inflammatory response.

We are proud to have gathered a nationally and internationally renowned faculty presenting the latest mechanisms and clinical applications of this field. Among top researchers and clinicians from our own university we are hosting Catherine  Hedrick an international expert in innate immune surveillance and cancer and Klaus Ley cardiovascular immunologist and protagonist of vaccination against Atherosclerosis from the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology USA.

With our program we address both basic scientists and clinicians providing them with a valuable link of basic mechanisms  underlying such chronic inflammatory diseases and possibilities and future potential of practical clinical therapy targeting such interfaces. At the end of the program we will have dedicated space for a moderated poster reception and we eagerly encourage to submit contemporary clinic and basic projects from all areas.


We are looking forward to a lively discussion with you and your colleagues on April 17th 2018

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ch. Bode

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zirlik


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