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Keynote Lecture of Prof. Dr. Peter Libby during the annual meeting of the German Atherosclerosis Society 2017

peter-libbyOne of the greatest pioneers of the inflammation theory in Atherosclerosis, Prof. Dr. Peter Libby of the Harvard University in Boston, will come to the annual meeting of the our society in 2017 in Rauischholzhausen.

During the celebration of our 30th anniversary he will give a keynote lecture with the topic “New insights into the mechanisms of the acute coronary syndromes” on Thursday, 30th March 2017.

For decades Prof. Libby dedicated his scientific life to elucidate key inflammatory mechanisms in the naissance, progression, and complication of atherosclerosis. This is reflected in countless original works in the most renown international journals. Along with his Mallinckrodt professorship for Cardiology at the Harvard University he presided the Cardiology department of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital as Chief of Cardiology for many years and multiplied its international renommée.

Additionally following Prof. Eugene Braunwald heritage he is Editor of the international reference book in Cardiology entitled “Heart disease”.

Currently Peter Libby promotes with great enthusiasm translational approaches to make anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory therapeutic strategies accessible for the everyday patient. Thus, together with Prof. Paul Ridker he is principal investigator of the international multicenter trial CANTOS, a clinical study that for the first time challenges the inflammation hypothesis in a large collective of more than 10.000 patients looking for hard endpoints (antibody against interleukin 1ß Canakinumab).

We are delighted and it is our great honor that Peter Libby will come to our annual meeting and the celebration of our 30th anniversary. Therefore, we invite you all to attend his keynote lecture on Thursday, 30th March 2017.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Zirlik



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