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+++ Deadline Jan 31st 2017 +++ IAS Fellowship Award


IAS Fellowship Awards 2017

The IAS Fellowship awards are grants of $5,000 or $8,000, depending on the length of the stay and will provide a wonderful opportunity for a young scientist to gain experience and knowledge in the field of atherosclerosis, which then can be transferred to his or her home laboratory, hospital, and country, thus benefiting many people beyond just the young scientist.

Please encourage your Society’s members to seek out the best and the brightest of your young scientists to apply for these Fellowships (  – IAS Fellowships button on the left). These Fellowships will allow young scientists to bring home new skills, new techniques, and initiate new programs in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.


Best regards,

Yuji Matsuzawa
IAS President



We wish to remind you that the deadline for the IAS Visiting Fellowship Awards is Jan 31st 2017.


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